Shaq VS Season 2 Episode 5

Shaq vs Justin Bieber / Jimmy Kimmel

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Shaq VS Season 2 Episode 5 Shaq vs. Justin Bieber; Shaq vs. Jimmy Kimmel

After actually winning a challenge for the first time ever at Episode 3, Shaq two-upped it at Episode 4 by winning against competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut in a hotdog eating contest and against former NBA player Charles Barkley in a game of golf.

Against Chestnut however, Shaq had a significant advantage as he gets to pull off 5 random people from the streets to help him eat the hotdogs while Chestnut did it all by himself.

I can say that his win against Barkley was legitimate though as both of them get a professional golfer on their team.

In the next episode, Shaq will take on Pop/R&B multi-platinum singing sensation Justin Bieber live and on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans in Orlando, Florida. Then he’ll travel to Hollywood to issue a challenge to ABC’s late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Check out what happens in the Shaq VS Season 2 Episode 5 video below:

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