Manny Pacquiao is 25th on Kevin Iole's List of Boxing's Most Influential

Manny Pacquiao is 25th on Kevin Iole’s List of Boxing’s Most Influential

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Kevin Iole, one of the most respected and read sports writer for Yahoo Sports has released his choices for the 100 most influential persons in boxing history.

This is just one man’s list and according to Iole,

As I chose the list  – which contains boxers, promoters, managers, trainers, broadcasters, television executives, journalists, authors and politicians – strove to pick men whose unique characteristics or talents contributed to the sport.

With a notorious bias for Floyd Mayweather, Jr., you would think Pretty Boy would top his list. Well, not even close. Mayweather’s racist rant against his rival Manny Pacquiao surely made him turn 180 degrees.

Iole’s most influential person in boxing history turns out to be Muhammad Ali; which is rightfully so.

Ali wasn’t the greatest fighter who ever stepped into the ring. But he was among the finest and no one before or since has had the impact he’s had upon the game. His style, with his hands at his side, circling the ring and flicking out jabs, has influenced generations of fighters. His ability to promote an event and give one a reason to watch has been unmatched.

Manny Pacquiao is #25 on Kevin Lole's List of Boxing's Most Influential

Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao was 25th on the list describing him as the biggest boxing superstar Asia ever produced.

One of the elite active boxers whose passionate Asian following has helped make him an international superstar and fodder for non-traditional boxing media such as CNN, Time Magazine and GQ.

Pacquiao is the highest ranked boxer who is still actively fighting.

He is ranked considerably higher that Mayweather (70th) , Roy Jones, Jr. (77th) and Bernard Hopkins (78th).

It’s about time Kevin Iole gives credit where it is due.

Check out his complete list below.

Boxing’s most influential: Nos. 51-100 (Sep 3, 3:37 pm EDT)
Boxing’s most influential: Nos. 1-50 (Sep 5, 1:19 pm EDT)

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