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Freak Accidents in Sports: Tyler Colvin Impaled by Shattered Bat!

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Freak accidents often happens in sports.

Yesterday in a game against Major League Baseball’s Florida Marlins, Welington Castillo of the Chicago Cubs shattered his bat after hitting a ball.

Disaster struck when a large shard of the bat flew to rookie Tyler Corvin who was running towards home base.

It pierced his chest and he was immediately rushed to the hospital after he returned to the dugout.

Here’s the video of the accident:

Castillo was using a maple bat, the type that have come under fire in recent years. Close to half  of Major League Baseball players use maple bats, which have thinner bat handles than other varieties and thus splinter more easily.

“It’s scary, that’s the danger of a maple bat,” Cubs infielder Jeff Baker said.

Check out picture of the broken bat flying towards Corvin at Big League Stew.

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4 Responses to “Freak Accidents in Sports: Tyler Colvin Impaled by Shattered Bat!”

  1. tyler corvin Says:

    Man, that was scary.


  2. James Moralde Says:

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MLB Advanced Media.”

    Didn’t get to see the video but I saw some pics from yahoo sports site. Man, that piece looked like the ones hunters use to kill vampires. :)


    ark Reply:

    Yes, I’ve been looking everywhere but couldn’t find a replacement video. That’s more shocking than just the pictures themselves.


  3. sports Says:

    That is no good the video is not available. But I did see this. I don’t know what I would do, that is pretty scary. I think they need to make a regulation about those bats.


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