Katy Perry and Elmo Sesame Street Scandal Video

The Katy Perry and Elmo Sesame Street Scandal

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Now on its 40th year, Sesame Street continues to provide fun and entertainment to kids all over the world.

Only kids? How about daddies as well?

A video posted on YouTube showing Elmo and Katy Perry is making some buzz.

In the video, Perry wants to play with the little red muppet, but he is not interested. Perry then sings a kid’s version of her hit song  ‘Hot N Cold.’

So, what’s the big deal?

For starters, Katy is showing a generous amount of cleavage that will make your kid say, “Mommy, I want to drink my milk now.”

All that running also makes her boobs go bounce up and down.

Enough already, I know you want to watch the video yourself.

Feast on guys!

Of course, Sesame Street’s producers decided to junk and not include this anymore for the show’s 41st season.

But hey, it’s ok.

After all, you have already seen it right?

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