Cigar Guy in Tiger Woods Photo

Cigar Guy in Tiger Woods Photo

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This could possibly be the greatest golf photo ever.

Cigar Guy Ryder Cup Tiger Woods Photo

No, it’s not Photoshopped. That’s really one of the greatest golfers of all time Tiger Woods hitting a ball straight to the camera.

It was taken by Daily Mail photographer Mark Pain last Saturday morning in Wales at the Ryder Cup.

However, what has taken the Internet by storm is not the picture in itself but the guy standing to Tiger Wood’s far left side. You know, the guy chomping a cigar on his mouth with thick Groucho Marx–style mustache and a turban-like brown hat on his head?

If you think about it, it feels like he was Photoshopped in there. But apparently, he is real although his identity still remains anonymous.

He’s now all over the Internet sparking a meme and being named as the “Cigar Man”, “Cigar Dude” or “Cigar Guy”.

The mug of the mysterious Cigar Guy has been Photoshopped in various sports moments, album covers, movie posters, etc. here, here and here.

I’m sure, many more will spring out in the next few hours.

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5 Responses to “Cigar Guy in Tiger Woods Photo”

  1. ‘Cigar Guy’ Becomes Internet Hit! « Says:

    […] Cigar Guy in Tiger Woods Photo ( […]

  2. James Moralde Says:

    LOL! Looks like being queer, weird or just out-of-place is not that bad after all. This guy must be a golf fan. Now, he’s into all kinds of sports…and movies…and paintings. :)


  3. ianemv Says:

    Di rin ako makapaniwala na hindi Photoshopped hehe..Instant celebrity agad siya ba.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Oo nga. para nga siyang photoshop lang ang tao na yan.


  4. melardenio Says:

    I think the picture above is not photoshop, on the other hand I click on the links it seems the cigar man is a photoshop edited pics.

    Cool parang easter egg.


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