Adriana Lima Diamond Bra

Adriana Lima Flaunts US$2 Million Diamond Bra

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Adriana Lima diamond bra

They’re flashy right?

Yes, I’m talking of the diamonds and not something else.

Those pair of flashy boobs… eer the flashy diamond bra was worn by Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima in the launching of Victoria’s Secret new holiday collection.

Adriana Lima diamond bra

The 2010 Bombshell Fantasy Bra with a blue and white design inspired by celestial and constellation patterns is adorned with 3000 white diamonds, (60 carats) light blue sapphires (82 carats), and oval-shaped topazes with a total of 142 carats – and a price tag of US$2.04 million.

According to Victoria’s Secret, the masterpiece “took six Damiani craftsmen 1500 hours of full-time labor” to craft, with each diamond being hand-set.

Bombshell Fantasy Bra is not the first Victoria’s Secret’s pricey bra Lima has ever modeled. Back in 2008, Lima was tapped to wear the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra which is worth a whopping $5 million. Another bling-worthy bra the company unveiled was 2009’s $3 million Harlequin Fantasy Bra.

Lima will model Bombshell Fantasy Bra at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing on Tuesday, November 30 at 10/9c on CBS. Moreover, the fashion show will feature performances by Katy Perry and Akon.

Adriana Lima was  voted #1 as the Most Desirable Woman in 2005 by an poll, #1 on the list of the “Sexiest Models” in 2008 by and #6 in “2009 FHM’s Sexiest Women In The World”.

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3 Responses to “Adriana Lima Flaunts US$2 Million Diamond Bra”

  1. Michael M Says:

    She’s really hot. Can’t believe she just came back from pregnancy. Marko Jaric is one lucky dude to have her.


  2. Bieberlake Says:

    Worth 2 million nga


  3. James Moralde Says:

    Cool idea. I think designers should now focus on making bras more flashy so its wearers would think twice on hiding them underneath covers of lesser value. :)


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