UFC Fight Schedule November-December 2010

UFC Schedule for November-December 2010

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Brock Lesnar’s knockout loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 came as a surprise to many, me included.

Prior to the fight, I don’t really believe that Lesnar was invincible. But the way he took that beating from a smaller guy was unexpected.

Velasquez’ win certainly caught the attention of the mixed-martial arts community.

So now that UFC 121 is behind us, we can expect four more UFC events for the months of November and December before the 2010 calendar turns to another page.

Here’s the remaining UFC events to watch out for:


UFC 122: Marquardt vs Okami
Date: November 13, 2010
Venue: König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Germany
Plot: Nate Marquardt faces Yushin Okami in the main event in what will be a title eliminator bout for the UFC Middleweight Championship held by Anderson Silva

UFC 123: Rampage vs Machida
Date: November 20, 2010
Venue: The Palace of Auburn Hills in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills, Michigan
Plot: Rampage Jackson faces Lyoto Machida in the main event in a non-title Light Heavyweight bout; in the co-main event, B.J. Penn faces Matt Hughes in a non-title Welterweight bout that will be their third fight ever.


The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs Team Koscheck Finale
Date: December 4, 2010
Venue: Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada
Plot: Featured will be the finalists from The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs Team Koscheck in the Lightweight division.

UFC 124: St-Pierre vs Koscheck 2
Date: December 11, 2010
Venue: Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Plot: This is the most awaited rematch between George St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck, opposing coaches for season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter. At stake is GSP’s UFC Welterweight Championship title.

UFC 123 and 124 are both available only on  pay-per-view while UFC 122 and the TUF Finale are FREE on Spike TV.

Check out the full UFC 124 schedule for 2011 as well.

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14 Responses to “UFC Schedule for November-December 2010”

  1. igoydude Says:

    Can’t wait for rampage vs the dragon fight. I hope Machida comes back.


    ark Reply:

    That’s what I have been waiting too.

    After losing his aura of invincibility to Nogueira, I’m excited to see how Machida can make a come back to prominence. I think he has already learned from his mistakes.

    However, I’m afraid that this fight will become boring if Machida will not engage Rampage in a striking match and will just run all over the Octagon.


    igoydude Reply:

    Ark i think it was Rua ^_^


    ark Reply:

    Hehe, that’s who I meant. I don’t know why I typed Nogueira instead. My bad.


    Anonymous Reply:

    i guess machida will not do that thing..machida is a great fighter..


  2. DeLa Mar Says:

    how much? please…


    igoydude Reply:

    how much what? tickets? or ppv?


    ark Reply:

    If you are asking for the pay-per-view, it usually cost $44.95 for regular viewing while $54.95 for HD.

    If you are asking for the ticket prices, it ranges from $53 for the upper seats while $510 for the ringside seats. You can check out more details here:



  3. Pacquiao vs Margarito Says:

    I was shocked as well when I saw that beating of Lesnar by Velasquez.

    Btw, thank you for posting this schedule. I can use this guide to watch out for the must-see fights.


  4. P-NoyNoy.com Says:

    I’m looking forward to Rampage vs. Machida someone will get knock-out.


  5. free Says:

    UFC is now very popular here in philippines.


  6. Watch Donaire vs Montiel Free Says:

    Thanks for sharing your links and topic. Hope it will work good! Thanks a lot.


    Donaire vs Narvaez Reply:

    Welcome bro, come again.


    roben Pacquiao Reply:

    thanks bro…


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