Pacquiao vs Margarito Sopcast

Countdown to Pacquiao vs Margarito

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On November 13, 2010 LIVE from the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA, Manny Pacquiao looks to extend his record to eight world titles in as many division when he takes on Antonio Margarito.

The two will headline the official fight card for that day as they fight for the vacant WBC Super Welterweight World Title.

The most reliable option for us to watch it live for free is through a Pacquiao vs Margarito sopcast channel. I have posted below the list of channels proven to work in the past Pacquiao fights. Just try and see what works for you.

sopcast channels are already OFFLINE

Download the sopcast player if you don’t have it yet.

UPDATE: We are getting a “Can not access Sopcast service” message.

I don’t know what’s the wrong with Sopcast.

I suggest you just watch the LIVE streaming below:

LIVE stream already OFFLINE

2nd UPDATE: Someone commented below to use TVU Player.

I have confirmed that it’s working. Download here.

Then go to the Sports section and select the 63983 Wrestling 24/7 channel.

Thanks to boyaks. :-)

If you missed Pacquiao vs Margarito LIVE, you can watch the replay or fight highlights which will be offered after the fight.

You can also check out the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito fight video.

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36 Responses to “Countdown to Pacquiao vs Margarito”

  1. johnscan1982 Says:

    Thanks for this useful link. PACMAN 4d WIN… (“,)v


    pogay Reply:

    hey! can i ask, what link are you using rightnow? coz im having a hard time looking for one..


  2. otep Says:

    Thanks for the links, hope it will work


  3. orange Says:

    why can’t i access my sopcast? i have a previously downloaded sopcast and i can’t access it…so i downloaded the sopcast here in ur link but stil it won’t work…why is that??!!?? oh, and btw, ur links are updated ryt? thnx….


    ark Reply:

    Please let it be known that the sopcast channels usually work at fight time. At around 10:00 PM or so.

    Let’s just wait and hope they’ll do so.


    gelo Reply:

    ok, hope it works.. thanks ark!


    john Reply:

    walang gumagana tol!


  4. spaceman Says:

    links not working as of 8:04 am 11-14-10


  5. gelo Says:

    cannot access sopcast link! any other link sir? 😀


  6. john maclaine Says:

    it will not work as long as the game does not start yet!


  7. john maclaine Says:

    their will be words appearing to the brokers saying “working right now” just wait a little bit.


  8. black Says:

    all of those links doesn’t work.. :( are those updated?


  9. monroe Says:

    still can not access sopcast link.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    woot.. is it working already?


  11. pacman Says:

    wala pa ba updated sopcast address?


  12. joe wilkin Says:

    getting “cannot access sopcast service” first time ive ever seen this message…please advise…HELP btw any update on which channel the fight is on?


  13. Wew Says:

    Still not working…


  14. pacman Says:

    still no good man..


  15. boyaks Says:

    hey pals, better have TVUPlayer now. 63983- wrestling 24/7. its working!


    Anonymous Reply:

    dude whats the channel is it working on Margarito pacquiao fight?


    kyruswraex Reply:

    it’s working dude.. thank you


    itsme Reply:

    yup, its working.. thank you sir..


  16. jhon Says:

    can somebody confirm if you were ablr to access the link thanks


  17. sierwin Says:

    is there any brokers that are working now? badly needed


  18. ronoel Says:

    still not working..


  19. bleep Says:

    the TVUplayer works. i just tried it. :)


  20. akyhl Says:

    Hi. What channel is actually working?! THANKS!


  21. Clottey Says:

    Is it working now… im so excited to watch the fight


  22. Irish Says:

    can anyone give a sopcast link?


  23. jhon Says:

    @bleep – can u pls provide the link thanks


  24. Anonymous Says:

    well… its almost time but its not yet working still

    any other opsiton for sopcast channels?


    ark Reply:

    Try the TVU player. Instructions provided above.


  25. akyhl Says:

    TVU works! THANKS!!!


  26. asdfasdfa Says:

    good job with the TVU, its working! while SOPCAST for the first time.. IS NOT


  27. Web Development Says:

    Hey, TVU Works. Thanks pal!


  28. deassaneth Says:

    channel is offline


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