The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 8

TUF 12 Episode 8: KOs in a Commotion

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 8 KOS In a Commotion

With two quick and shocking losses at Episode 6 and a record of 1-5 going against Team Koscheck, Dana White devised a plan so that Josh Koscheck will not completely go mad.

How? By having a Coaches’ Challenge in the previous episode that favors the American, a baseball home run derby.  Of course, Koscheck is favored to win it. After all, the Canadian Georges St-Pierre have not swung a bat before.

As expected, Kos brings home the $10,000 prize money as GSP challenges him to a game of hockey next time and promises that he will win inside the Octagon on their December 11 showdown.

On to that episode’s fight, its the final preliminary fight between Dane Sayers and Sako Chivitchian.

RESULT: Sako Chivitchian defeated Dane Sayers via unanimous decision (20–18, 20–18, 20-18) after two rounds.

At the end of Episode 7, it’s Team GSP 5, Team Koscheck 2.

The wildcards were also announced as Aaron Wilkinson and Marc Stevens.

In The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 8, what starts out as smack talk turns into violence when Kos and Team GSP Medic Brad Tate put angry hands on each other.

Then, Stevens seeks redemption for his quick loss as he takes on Wilkinson in the Wild Card fight to fill the final slot in the Quarters.

Watch all of these in The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 8.

TUF s12e08 titled “KOs in a Commotion” will be shown at Spike TV on November 3, 2010.

Check out the TUF 12 Episode 8 video below:

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The TUF 12 season finale is on December 4, 2010 LIVE from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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