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2010-11 NBA Season | Let’s Do The John Wall Dougie

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Urban dictionary defines dougie as a dance move originally inspired by the 80’s rapper Doug E Fresh. He did a motion where he rubbed his head with his hand from the front to the back.

The move is now gaining popularity as John Wall, the #1 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft showed the dougie in his player introduction before his team, the Washington Wizard’s home opening game against the Philadelphia 76ers on November 2.

Check the John Wall dougie after the jump.

I don’t know about you but it looked foolish to me.

But if he can pull off a 29 point-13 assist-9 steal game like he did against the 76ers night in and night out, he can pretty do whatever dance he wants and I’ll not complain.

The John Wall dougie is actually not new in Wall’s repertoire as he has been already incorporating it as a pre-game ritual while playing for the University of Kentucky in the 2009-2010 NCAA season.

Fans loved him doing it that it was, and still is, called the “John Wall dance”.

There’s even a facebook page and a web site dedicated to it:

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