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Showtime Boxing | Rafael Marquez Quits Against Juan Manuel Lopez

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Undefeated Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez is one of the fastest rising stars in boxing today. He is as exciting as he is skilled as 26 of his 29 wins were via knockout.

After reigning supreme in the Bantamweight division for years, he moved up in weight to the Featherweight limit and become the new WBO champion when he knocked-out then champion Steven Luevano last January 23, 2010.

Today, he defends his title for the second time against Mexican Rafael Marquez, the younger brother of Juan Manuel Marquez.

That’s not his only claim to fame though as he himself is a former Bantamweight and Junior Featherweight World champion.

At the MGM Grand Garden, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, the two clashed presented by Showtime Boxing.

In a very electrifying fight, Lopez made Marquez quit after 8 rounds with his constant pressure.

But Marquez showed why he is a future Hall-of-Famer when he repeatedly tagged Lopez in the 4th round. In the end however, the younger boxer reigned supreme in a fight that has “Fight of the Year” written all over it.

Juan Manuel Lopez retains his title and his unbeaten record remains intact.

It was so good that if you missed it, you should catch the replay or the fight video.

Here’s the Juan Manuel Lopez vs Rafael Marquez fight video:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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    Oh, i thought Steven Luevano will be the future Oscar dela Hoya.


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