The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3

The Walking Dead Episode 3: Tell It to the Frogs

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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3 Online Tell It to the Frogs

If the premier episode of The Walking Dead was scary, the second episode was gross and revolting.

After all, it was not titled “Guts” for nothing.

Hatching a plan to escape the city, Rick Grimes and Glenn covered themselves with guts, literally. They have to walk with the dead to get to a getaway vehicle but in order to do that, they have to smell death instead of living flesh to escape detection.

The solution? Chopping up a dead zombie into pieces and smearing its blood into their clothes. They even dangle intestines and some body parts on them as well.

That’s really gross and revolting.

After drawing 5.3 million total viewers in its season premiere, The Walking Dead continues its reign with 4.71 million in the second episode.

Will episode 3 match that mark?

Watch The Walking Dead Episode 3 on November 14, 2010.

It is titled “Tell It to the Frogs”.

To watch the full video of the show as well as see the download and torrent links, click the PLAY button below:

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3 Online Tell It to the Frogs


Rick goes back to Atlanta to recover his cache of guns and ammo. He hopes to retrieve Dixon who was originally left behind. In the meantime, Lori and Shane are surprised by the return of someone they feared was dead.

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preview below:

Watch The Walking Dead Episode 4 next on November 21, 2010.

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8 Responses to “The Walking Dead Episode 3: Tell It to the Frogs”

  1. bona Says:

    episode 3: echuserang frog. lol. makanerbyos ang epi2, while they’re walking along with the zombies. “i need more guts!”


  2. OJ Says:

    Damn i wish you guy’s could post a live stream of that emission every Sunday !!!! :p


  3. OJ Says:

    You guy’s won’t keep following this serie and uploading on iT ?


    ark Reply:

    Check out episode 4 man. The video is already available.


    ariel Reply:

    hi, where can i watch episode 4 of the walking dead? look forward to it!!


  4. OJ Says:

    Yes !! Ty. Freaking good episode too.


    ark Reply:

    No problem man. Watch out for the next episode.


  5. watch walking dead Says:

    Love this episode.
    Great site. A lot of useful stuff here. I’m sending it to some friends! :)


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