Paquiao vs Margarito Results

Manny Pacquiao Calms Down The Tijuana Tornado!

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Paquiao vs Margarito Results

Antonio Margarito stepped into the Cowboys Stadium boxing arena looking like the Goliath that he is being taller by more than 4 inches and outweighing his opponent  Manny Pacquiao by 17 lbs.

No problem.

With his blinding hand speed and quick footwork, Pacquiao methodically chopped down Margarito and only his compassion for the Mexican in the later rounds prevented the lumbering giant from falling down to the ground.

Pacquiao stuck with the game plan darting in and out, sticking and jabbing and be quickly out of harm’s way before Margarito can even throw a punch.

He was hit a few times of course but he countered with three to six punches for every Margarito punch.

The Tijuana Tornado was no match for The Pacific Storm!

Pacquiao just totally annihilated him!

The fight should have been stopped early but Margarito’s corner allowed the carnage to continue. Even the referee did nothing to stop the onslaught.

Margarito’s face was a total mess at the end of the fight reminiscent of Miguel Cotto’s face when they met a year ago, November 14, 2010 at Las Vegas.

The end result?

Antonio Margarito was punished for wrapping his hands with cement and for mocking Freddie Roach’s Parkinson’s disease.

Judges’ scores were Juergen Langos 120-108, Glen Rick Crocker 118-110, and Oren Shellenberger 119-109 in favor of Pacquiao winning via Unanimous Decision.

With the win, the Filipino grabbed the vacant WBC Super Welterweight championship and in the process, he extended his record to having won eight world titles in eight weight divisions.

Now, Floydie Gayweather, come out come out wherever you are.

Check out the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito fight video and highlights.

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5 Responses to “Manny Pacquiao Calms Down The Tijuana Tornado!”

  1. Max Payne Says:

    “The end result? Antonio Margarito was punished for wrapping his hands with cement and for mocking Freddie Roach’s Parkinson’s disease.”

    I could not agree more dude.


  2. The Pacific Storm Says:

    Don’t bother calling Mayweather for a fight with Pacquiao. He’s not coming out soon. Hell, he might even prefer going to prison that fighting Pacquiao.


  3. igoydude Says:

    Rios got big mouth, will gladly see him kiss the canvass this December.

    Garcia should have thrown in the towel, Marga could go blind, good thing Manny showed mercy.


  4. cain Says:

    i admit that i doubted manny pacquiao at first because margarito is too big..but as the fight goes on,my dout dissappeared… there’s no question, pacquiao is the best of his generation!!!


  5. Winziph Says:

    proud to be pinoy, pacman is really a good man.


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