BJ Penn Knocks Out Matt Hughes!

UFC 123 Results, BJ Penn Knocks Out Matt Hughes in Only 21 Seconds!

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BJ Penn Knocks Out Matt Hughes!

B.J. Penn put an exclamation mark to end the Hughes vs Penn trilogy.

And what an end it was!

In only 21 seconds of their UFC 123 c-main event matchup, The Prodigy dropped Matt Hughes with a powerful right and immediately followed it up with a flurry of punches as referee Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight.

Such was the effect of the blow that when UFC analyst Joe Rogan interviewed him, he said he didn’t know what hit him.

“He hit me hard. When I felt the hit, I thought it was a knee or a kick. He hit me pretty hard.”

With the win, Penn stopped his two-fight losing streak with both losses to UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar (at UFC 112 and at UFC 118).

Hughes and Penn first met in January 2004 at UFC 46 that was won by Penn. Hughes won the rematch on September 2006 at UFC 63.

With the score tied 1-1, Penn wrapped away one of the most thrilling UFC trilogies in his favor.

Check out the BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes fight video.

NOTE: If you’re wondering, the quickest knockout in UFC history happened at UFC 102 when Todd Duffe knocked out Tim Hague in only 7 seconds!

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5 Responses to “UFC 123 Results, BJ Penn Knocks Out Matt Hughes in Only 21 Seconds!”

  1. cain Says:

    penn came out blazing and hughes was simply caught by surprise with penn’s aggressivenes..nice game plan for bj penn


  2. igoydude Says:

    Bj learned from the frank edgar fight.


    ark Reply:

    Frank Edgar is actually way too fast for BJ Penn that’s why he failed to land any significant punch in their two fights.


  3. rcayao Says:

    That was a sensational punch for B.J.Penn. Hats off to you!


  4. joven Says:

    BJ PENN is really a great fighter


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