How To Check and Fix Broken Links in Your Website

How To Check and Fix Broken Links in Your Website

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how to check your website for broken links

A website can’t be called as such if it has no links. Links direct readers to any part of your site. Think of it as a map.

It can also provide a rich experience for them if you provide links of websites related to your articles.

As such, it is important to check your links from time to time. Because sometimes, links become broken due to several factors: expired domains, deletion or you just simply wrote the wrong link in the first place.

Broken links can be frustrating for a reader when they click on it and directed to a 404 or “Page Not Found” webpage.

SEO-wise, broken links can make your website’s ranking factor go down as search engines will consider your site as still being “under construction” since the spiders (or bots) will not be able to crawl your website completely. Those that they tagged as such usually are not given high rank in the SERPs (search engine results page).

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines even specifically tells us to “Check for broken links and correct HTML.”

If your site has hundreds of posts, checking each one manually for broken links would be tedious.

For WordPress sites, there’s a good plugin that will do the job for you.

The Broken Link Checker will check your posts, comments and other content for broken links and notify you if any are found. It even includes images. [DOWNLOAD HERE!]

After downloading, installing, and activating it, go to your Dashboard > Tools > Broken Links.

The plugin should now scan your entire site.

how to check broken links (1)

There’s an option to “Stop search engines from following broken links”, check that.

Click on the Status result to view the list of broken links.

how to check broken links (2)

You can now have the option of editing the URL or removing the link completely. You can also tag it as “Not broken” if it has been misidentified as broken.

It’s as simple as that.

Remember to practice this as part of your website maintenance.

Updating your pages regularly actually signals the search engine bots to crawl your site frequently. This helps you maintain good standings in their SERPs and outlast your competing sites.

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8 Responses to “How To Check and Fix Broken Links in Your Website”

  1. rcayao Says:

    wow! great tutorial! thanks for sharing this tip.


    ark Reply:

    No problem.


  2. Peter Says:

    This is a great plugin. It automatically tells you if you have broken links in your site and fixing broken links will be very easy because of this plugin. If you don’t have this one yet, better install this into your blogs


    ark Reply:

    I should add that this only works for WordPress blogs. I don’t know of any plugin for Blogger.


  3. igoydude Says:

    Another fantastic plugin to automate checking of broken links. Thanks for the info and download link bro.


  4. myk Says:

    how about for blogger?is there any site that determine broken links,i only rely on google webmaster tools.


    ark Reply:

    I don’t know any plugins but these sites can help:

    I tried them but they can only check for the main page of your site and not the entire website itself.


  5. dimiaks Says:

    i got to check this out, it looks awesome! salamat bro.


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