Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis Video

HBO Boxing “Warriors”, Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis

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Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis Video

In a boxing event billed as “Warriors”, the the number four pound-for-pound boxer in the world Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez defends his WBA, WBO and The Ring lightweight championships against top challenger Michael “The Great Rocky” Katsidis.

The two warriors will meet on November 27, 2010 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Mexican Juan Manuel Márquez (50-5, 37 KOs) at age 37 years old, is still considered one of the best boxers in the world today.

An orthodox boxer, Marquez is known for his speed and counter-punching style. His fighting style was elusive because most of his fights, he’s always rotating or moving his left hand and release over punches.

In his last fight in July, he defeated Juan Diaz via Unanimous Decision in a rematch of their 2009 Fight of The Year bout. Prior to that, he moved up to the Welterweight division to fight Floyd Mayweather, Jr. but was terribly outmatched by the bigger and faster Mayweather. The additional weight clearly slowed down Marquez.

Australian Michael Katsidis (29-2, 22 KOs) is the current WBO interim lightweight champion, and is ranked by The Ring magazine as the world’s number one lightweight contender.

His crowd-pleasing, all-action fighting style has drawn comparisons with late IBF super featherweight and WBC light welterweight champion, Arturo Gatti.

His last fight was against Kevin Mitchell in May where he won via Round 3 TKO.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis will be aired by HBO Boxing on November 27, 2010 LIVE from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


UPDATE: Dinamita successfully defended his WBA and WBO lightweight titles, stopping Katsidis at 2:14 of the ninth round. Katsidis knocked down Marquez with a left hook in the third, but Marquez rallied to take the lead before finishing off Katsidis in the ninth.

In the ninth round, Marquez landed 36 punches to nine for Katsidis, Kenny Bayless halted the bout after Katsidis was hurt by several combinations. After eight rounds, the three judges had the 37-year-old Marquez leading, 78-74, 76-75, 77-74.

At the post-fight press-conference, Marquez taunted Manny Pacquiao by wearing this T-shirt.

Here’s  the Marquez vs Katsidis fight video:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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9 Responses to “HBO Boxing “Warriors”, Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis”

  1. igoydude Says:

    I like the fighting style of Katsidis, and his spartan helmet too, hehe. He’ll be an ultimate ticket seller like Gatti.


    ark Reply:

    Wearing a Spartan helmet is just his way of paying homage to his Greek descent.


  2. igoydude Says:

    oh, i see. i thought he was just being cool. thanks for the info bro.


  3. Winziph Says:

    i bet if marquez will win this fight, he will going to be next best pick for pacquiao’s next fight.


    ark Reply:

    Mayweather is not going to fight Pacquiao and Mosley is too old so yes, Marquez is the best option for Pacquiao now.

    Even Pacquiao’s conditioning coach Alex Ariza wants Pacquiao-Marquez III just to shut up Marquez once and for all and erase any doubts on who really won on their two previous battles.

    I don’t know if people will pay to see this fight though. Manny himself says that no one will want to see this fight.


  4. Jackie Says:

    The fight f***ing rocked!


  5. coyster Says:

    Of course people will pay to see pacman-marquez, cos he has lots of mexican fans. Plus he beat katsidis who is a good fighter. People will want to see the trilogy happen because of the controversies of their first and second fight.


    ark Reply:

    Well, Marquez showed that he is the best fighter in the lightweight division with his dominance of Michael Katsidis. By that virtue, yes, people will pay to see him being beaten to a pulp by a welterweight like Manny Pacquiao. 😀


  6. alx Says:

    i would enjoy to see pacman fight marquez at 145 and up, But if you think of the business side of it. Manny who has worked hard and has earned the right to choose his next opponent base on economics that will favor him and his career, in the same way Lebron did for his career.
    Meaning if you factor the business side of everything, I don’t think he should fight marquez.
    for many reasons
    1) It would benefit Golden Boy who tried to destroy Manny
    2) Golden Boy goons dlh/and schaeffer wouldn’t deliver mayweather.
    3) All the risk is on Manny’s side and non on Marquez (marquez has nothing to lose he should just fight Andre Berto if he really wants to prove something)
    4) If the situation is reversed, i.e. marquez and golden boy has the upperhand, do you think they would even consider manny? not a chance!

    so Manny, fight whom ever you want you earned it… :-)


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