Juan Manuel Marquez Beat Pacquiao Shirt

Juan Manuel Marquez Taunts Manny Pacquiao With T-Shirt

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Every one wants a piece of Manny Pacquiao nowadays (except for Floyd Mayweather, Jr. of course.)

Shane Mosley wants him. (UPDATE December 22: He got his wish as Pacquiao vs Mosley is already scheduled for May 2, 2011)

Sergio Martinez wants him.

Andre Berto wants him.

Juan Manuel Marquez wants him… bad.

After dispatching of Michael Katsidis in a masterful ninth round performance [see Marquez vs Katsidis fight video] last November 27 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Marquez began taunting the 8-time world champion by wearing a shirt at the post-fight press conference that says, “MARQUEZ BEAT PACQUIAO TWICE!!” at the front and “PACQUIAO, YOUR NEXT” at the back.

Juan Manuel Marquez Beat Pacquiao Shirt

Juan Manuel Marquez Beat Pacquiao Shirt

The grammar is so bad but the intention is pretty clear, the Mexican Dinamita is egging Manny Pacquiao to fight him for the third time.

It should be remembered that their first fight was declared a draw and the second one was won by Pacquiao via split decision. Despite being knocked-down four times, Marquez claims that he was the superior fighter on both meetings.

Even though Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza wants to give in to Marquez’ demand supposedly to shut him up, Pacquiao however seems not interested saying that people will not watch it.

Coach Freddie Roach meanwhile is insisting that for the fight to happen, it should be at the 147 lbs. limit. We all know what happened the last time Marquez went up in weight though [see Mayweather vs Marquez].

Personally, I agree with Ariza. Manny Pacquiao should fight Marquez to shut him up for good. He is a different fighter now. The Manny Pacquiao of today is a very different fighter from that of yesterday.

The Pacman should have no difficulty gobbling up The Mexican Dynamite.

What do you think?

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20 Responses to “Juan Manuel Marquez Taunts Manny Pacquiao With T-Shirt”

  1. coyster Says:

    Bro, pacman will “diffuse” dinamita first, then eat him alive.


    ark Reply:

    Haha, couldn’t agree more.


  2. coyster Says:

    wrong grammar, LOL. “Pacquiao, YOUR NEXT” That’s with underlines pa.


  3. igoydude Says:

    hehe, “your next” makes me laugh. JMM will kiss the canvass for sure.


  4. rcayao Says:

    lol.. wrong grammar talaga. Yun talaga basta diperado. Pag bigyan talaga yun ni Manny. Maghintay ka Marquez.


  5. baby Says:



  6. Ianemv Says:

    Deadmahin at hayaang tumanda na lang si Marquez na may sama ng loob at dala-dala pa hanggang libing.


  7. Carlo Says:

    What a sad move for Marquez. It makes him look desperate. VERY desperate.


  8. alx Says:

    whatever! pacman has earned the right to pick and choose his opponent base on economics and for his career, like Lebron and other star athlete’s do.

    4 reasons marquez fight should not happen.

    1) It will benefit Golden Boy who tried to destroy pacman with the roid accusation.
    2) They wouldn’t deliver mayweather, they’re waiting for pacman to slowdown or get beaten.
    3) marquez has not proven himself above 135 lbs, so why bother, we know it’s just going to be another one sided beatdown of a mexican.
    4) If the situation is reversed, do you think they would even consider manny? not a chance!

    so eat your( this is how you use “your” whithout an “‘re”) heart out marquez!


  9. Ashton Says:

    Marquez sunod nang sunod kay Pacquiao. Kakaasar na xa.


  10. ron mercy Says:

    Juan Manuel “El Desperado” Marquez


    Neuromaster Reply:

    hey ron, talking about grammar… Juan Manuel “El Desesperado” Marquez


    Anonymous Reply:

    pacman the undisputed catch weight champion of the world….ha ha ha.next fight….klitsco at 142 lbs..bwa ha ha ha…what a shame..


    nikkkoo Reply:

    Contracts to all filipino finally have a ok boxer waa wo now. All u guys think u no boxing plz ha no I tip ma hat to pac not ur gay ass fan don no shit . I’m puertorican all I can say is latino have great boxer. Look at the past present Latino stand up

    This filipino stop his son surgery jus to se her god pacquoo haha no that’s funny making. Fun of his gramer ha u r american Dick sucker make ya look good round white folks n try t9bleach ur selfs


  11. Anonymous Says:

    pacman the greatest catch weight champ of the world…ha ha ha..


  12. NIKO Says:

    WHY are you making big deal just fight him filipinos having had a good boxer an now is a big deal he.work for government sell out I’m suck ppl trying to suck his dick his god wow what he needs is to stop talking steriods an fight my black brother mayweather


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Funny how you damn Filipinos can make fun of Marquez’s grammar when youRE grammar is worse. HAHAHA stupid flips!


  14. James Says:

    I’m sure JMM will win this time again, but this time more clearly.


  15. Marquez Says:

    Di daw wrogn grammar yan sabi ni marquez. text message raw nya yan kay pac. hahahah!


  16. gil Says:

    after the fight i can only say that marquez is better than pacquiao. what a shame that pacquiao needs judges to win. this was a big theft


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