Lebron James New Nike Logo

Lebron James’ New Nike Logo

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Most basketball fans know that Lebron James is now plying his trade in South Beach after a much-publicized decision last summer.

However, many still don’t know that starting this 2010-11 NBA season, he had changed his jersey number from number 23 to number 6 too.

I myself, sometimes forgets that. Well, I blame this to the fact that Lebron was widely considered as heir apparent to the original number 23, Michael Jordan that people now also associate him to that number.

FLASHBACK: Last November 13, 2009, LeBron James announces after the game against the Miami Heat (coincidence?) that he will switch his number from 23 to 6 in honor of Michael Jordan.

Lebron James old Nike logo

As a Nike endorser, his logo for the show giant is bound to be changed as well.

After all, the old one prominently displays his old number 23.

So, during last November 25’s TV interview with Matt Lauer for NBC’s Person of the Year, LeBron James wore a Nike polo shirt with his new logo on it.

Check it out.

Lebron James new Nike logo

The new Nike logo is simpler.

There is no number 6 but still features his initials “L” and “J”. Of course, the crown is still present.

Apparently, the reigning Most Valuable Player don’t want people to forget that even if he joins a duo of superstars in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, he is still the “King”.

The new logo will appear on LeBron’s Nike products in 2011.

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