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2010-11 NBA Season | Lebron James Does Chalk Toss Amidst Boos and Bird Flips from Cavs Fans

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In his first seven years in the NBA while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James has a pregame ritual where he goes in front of the scorer’s table, faces the crowd and throws crushed chalk in the air to create a small cloud of powder.

In his first game back at Cleveland on December 2 while donning the Miami Heat uniform, there was widespread speculation that he will skip that thing amidst concerns for his safety due to a very hostile environment.

Amidst a chorus of boos, the King decided to stick to his ritual. Click the image below to make it larger. Can you count how many bird flips are in the air?

Lebron James' chalk toss as a Heat in Cleveland

Some fans also turned his back on him while some simply hold anti-Lebron signs that speak a lot.

One says, “QUITTER, HOW’S THE ELBOW?” This is in reference to Game 5 of the 2010 NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals against the Boston Celtics when the Cavs suffered their worst home playoff loss in history and Lebron was criticized for quitting.

Another says, “11-8??, LOOKS LIKE YOU LEFT YOUR TALENTS IN CLEVELAND”, a reference to Lebron’s “The Decision” where he states that he’s leaving Cleveland to bring his talents to South Beach.

Check out the video below of Lebron James booed while being introduced and him doing the chalk toss:

Oops, I almost forgot, the Miami Heat beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-90 in a game that was exciting only in the first quarter.

Lebron James burned his former team in the 3rd quarter scoring 24 points on a sizzling 10-for-12 shooting. He finished with 38 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and did not play in the 4th quarter.

The next homecoming for Lebron James will be on March 29, 2010.

Check out the full Miami Heat 2010-2011 schedule.

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4 Responses to “2010-11 NBA Season | Lebron James Does Chalk Toss Amidst Boos and Bird Flips from Cavs Fans”

  1. cain Says:

    good for lebron for sticking to his chalk toss ritual…he’s been doing it for years so why change just because he’s now in miami?? cleveland fans move on


  2. Noli Says:

    Its funny how Lebron silenced the crowd with his wonderful play. Cleveland fans quit booing early.


  3. coyster Says:

    I count 11 bro


    ark Reply:

    It could have been 12 if the person at the topmost left corner was not cut by the camera.


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