Changing Facebook Picture To Cartoon

How to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture To Cartoons

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This has been the trend the past few days: changing your Facebook profile picture into a cartoon character.

Although the claim that it is supposed to boost awareness on the campaign against child abuse is being reputed, with some even saying that the entire scheme is a hoax, it did not stop Facebook users from having a little fun. It’s nostalgia time.

Some even changed their profile pictures daily into various cartoon characters from their childhood, from Bugs Bunny to Mickey Mouse to He-Man to Homer  Simpson to Beavis and Butthead to Smurf to Scooby Doo.

However, if you want to be different. You can change your own profile picture into cartoons.

There are many online sites that will do the job. Simply upload the picture and the conversion will be done automatically.

Check out these sample websites:

BeFunky – Lets you apply photo effects, enhance and edit your photos online. Cartoon, sketch, painting, pop art and more.

Cartoon Photo! – Convert your photo to cartoon and animate your face with various emotions! Create a funny caricature from photo.

kusoCartoon – Photo to Cartoon to Comic Story, Make your own comic so Easy.

Here’s an example picture of my family. Neat eh?

Changing Facebook Picture To Cartoon

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