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How To Make It Snow On Your Website

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It’s Christmas time once again.

And when you think of Christmas, Christmas carols and gifts and snow comes to mind among others.

But since I am living near the equator where snow is unheard of, I decided to just let it snow here at this web site.

The sight of falling snow flakes makes you feel cold already right?

You can make it snow at your web site too.

There’s this WordPress plugin created by Aen Tan named Let It Snow!

It’s highly customizable as you can set the number of snowflakes and speed of snow fall. You can make a snow storm if you want to. Yippee!

[download Let It Snow!]

Happy Holidays everybody!

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9 Responses to “How To Make It Snow On Your Website”

  1. Carlo Says:

    Merry Christmas!


    ark Reply:

    Merry Christmas din Carlo!


  2. Winziph Says:

    Let it snow, merry christmas sir ark.


    ark Reply:

    Merry Christmas din Arwin!


  3. rcayao Says:

    Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    ark Reply:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year din Raymund!


    rcayao Reply:

    Thanks for sharing this tip. I also used it in my blog.


    ark Reply:

    Nakita ko nga. No problem. Share it along.


  4. melardenio Says:

    Cool..anlamig na nang website mo ARK.


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