Christmas Holiday 2010 Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle: Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Holiday 2010 Google Doodle

Google joins people from all over the world in the celebration of the 2010 Christmas holiday season with its most complex doodle yet, 17 interactive portraits of various holiday scenes from around the world.

From St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia to the Chilean vineyards to Africa to Venice to Nepal to the Sahara Desert to India to the Great Wall of China to Mt. Fuji in Japan to the Acropolis in Greece, Google says Happy Holidays!

The doodle will stay in Google’s homepage until Christmas day.

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  1. maria donoso v Says:

    Please, I would love to know how to get the picture of the chilean vineyard you have today and yesterday to celebrate Christmas. How can I obtain it to keep it in my pc?


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