Google Philippines Top Search Results 2010

The Year That Was: Google Philippines Top Search Results for 2010

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Chatroulette tops the Google search results for 2010 based on Google’s micro site Zeitgeist.

You might probably have read the term for the first time here as this craze have not really hit our country this past year.

What made us Pinoys really crazy were jejemon, Charice Pempengco, Plants vs Zombies and Facebook.

It’s not surprising to know then that these are among the top searches for Google users in the Philippines for the year 2010.

Google Philippines Top Search Results 2010

According to Zeitgeist, the word “jejemon” was the most heavily searched term.

These are people who constantly annoys other people with their own alien language at facebook and other social networking sites. Their “jejeje” instead of “hehehe” when texting is also irritating.

Here’s the full fastest rising search terms list for Google Philippines users for 2010:

1. jejemon
2. ipad
3. pyramid lyrics
4. facebook emoticons
5. justin bieber
6. plants vs zombies
7. glee
8. tumblr
9. crossfire
10. google chrome download

These are the most popular:

1. facebook
2. lyrics
3. you
4. yahoo
5. youtube
6. games
8. google
9. facebook login
10. mail

The 2010 Zeitgeist also listed the fastest rising people, newsmakers, news, travel destinations, TV news and music artists that were topped by jason ivler, pacquiao, 2010 election result, cebu, agua bendita and charice pempengco respectively.

Check out the complete list here.

I tell you bloggers, there are tons of HITLODs in that list. 😉

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6 Responses to “The Year That Was: Google Philippines Top Search Results for 2010”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Hi ark,
    where and how did you get this statistics?


    ark Reply:

    Check out the link at my post bro.


    Peter Reply:

    Thanks! Now ko lang to nakita ah. Lolz great tool.
    But how can I search for the most search keyword in a shorter time, for example in a month or week perhaps. Hindi ko kasi masyado gets yung google trends.
    What if dito lang sa pinas ang gusto ko hanapin?


    ark Reply:

    You can try Google Insights. Laruin mo lang. Marami kang madidiscover.


  2. earlie Says:

    I am very happy for you Arkhe, you deserve it. I know it is a hardwork when you just started, but by now am sure it is just like your past time..the BIG difference is you’re earning bucks..
    Congrats and keep up..


    ark Reply:

    Thanks sir. It’s really enjoying when you are getting paid for what you love to do.


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