Kobe is Now Tenth in NBA's All-Time Scoring List

2010-11 NBA Season | Kobe is Now Tenth in NBA’s All-Time Scoring List

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Kobe is 10th in scoring all-time!

Can Kobe surpass MJ?

Player Points
1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2. Karl Malone 36,928
3. Michael Jordan 32,292
10. Kobe Bryant

In a 108-83 win over the Detroit Pistons at their home court today, Kobe Bryant surpassed Dominique Wilkins for tenth all-time on the NBA career scoring list with a driving lay up at the end of the 16-2 third-quarter run.

Playing in his 15th season, Kobe now has  amassed 26,671 points.

Next on the list is Oscar Robertson with 26,710. If Bryant maintains his 25.4 points per game average and plays the final 47 games of the regular season, he will finish 2010-11 with 27,863 surpassing Hakeem Olajuwon (26,946), Elvin Hayes (27,313) and Moses Malone (27,409) to settle at the sixth spot.

From there, the truly entertaining countdown begins, as Bryant targets Shaquille O’Neal currently in 5th spot, who has 28,500 career points and counting. This will be good fodder for those who wants to relive the Shaq/Kobe rivalry.

Kobe still has a long way to go though to catch up on record-holder Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38, 387 points.

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