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In the tradition of Batman as a caped vigilante crusader, The Cape is an upcoming American one-hour superhero drama series on NBC.

Set in the fictional metropolis of Palm City, much like Batman’s Gotham City, the plot follows an innocent cop who has been framed for a crime he did not commit and then left for dead after he is caught.

He is eventually saved by a circus ringleader who prepares him with special abilities to defend himself against his foes. Separated from his wife and son, he tries to clear his name while protecting them from being killed in the event that he should be reported alive. He takes the law into his own hands by taking the guise of his son’s favorite comic book hero, The Cape, after he is given a special suit that has unique capabilities. Vowing to get rid of the corruption that has taken over both the city and the police force, he goes after the person responsible for setting him up and causing his “demise”.

The show will have its 2-hour season premiere on January 9, 2011 at 9 PM ET/PT at NBC.

You can watch NBC’s The Cape season 1 episodes every Monday at the following schedules at its regular 9 PM ET/PT time slot.

NBC's The Cape

Episode 0: Trailer
Episode 1: Pilot Episode – January 9, 2011
Episode 2: Tarot – January 9, 2011
Episode 3: Kozmo – January 17, 2011
Episode 4: Scales on A Train –  January 24, 2011
Episode 5: Dice – January 31, 2011
Episode 6: Goggles and Hicks – February 7, 2011
Episode 7: The Lich (Part 1) – February 14, 2011
Episode 8: The Lich (Part 2) – February 21, 2011

The Cape is directed by Tom Wheeler and produced under Universal Media Studios.

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