The Cape Season 1 Episode 3: Kozmo

The Cape Episode 3: Kozmo

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Watch The Cape Season 1 Episode 3: Kozmo

NBC’s new superhero genre TV series is off to a good start!

The Cape’s 2-hour premiere got a 2.6 rating and averaged 8.4 million viewers during its run.

Personally, I think the TV series looks like  movie with its fast-paced storyline and explosive action scenes.

In the first two episodes titled “Pilot” and “Tarot” respectively, we get to be introduced about how Palm City police officer Vince Faraday became The Cape.

The villain named Chess looks sinister enough with the iris of his eye resembling the chess pieces Knight and Rook.

What captivated me most was Summer Glau who played the mysterious Orwell. That lady is so damn hot!

I can’t wait to see The Cape Season 1 Episode 3 on January 17, 2011.

It is titled “Kozmo”.

To watch the full video of the show, click the PLAY button below:

The Cape Season 1 Episode 3: Kozmo


When Gregor Molotov , an old friend of Max Malini, comes to town in search of who is in possession of the cape, Vince must fight to save the people who took him in. Meanwhile, Dana is back to work in the public defender’s office, where she encounters Palm City’s corruption first hand. Peter Fleming and Marty Voyt continue their tireless pursuit to find out Orwell’s true identity.

Check out the The Cape Episode 3: Kozmo promo trailer below:

Download and torrent links will be posted here later.

Check out The Cape Episode 4 next on January 24, 2011.

Watch The Cape online episodes every Monday here after NBC’s 9:00 PM ET/PT time slot.

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