Dallas Mavericks Dancers Wardrobe Malfunction

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers Wardrobe Malfunction [Don’t Worry, This is SFW]

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Dallas Mavericks Dancers Wardrobe Malfunction

I love sports scandals (Don’t we all?)

Except when it’s of the Greg Oden variety, it gives excitement to an otherwise boring day.

The Tiger Woods s*x scandal, the Erin Andrews peephole video scandal and the Brett Favre – Jenn Sterger scandal entertained us for months last year.

Now, another scandal is set to rock the world of sports. This time, courtesy of the Dallas Mavericks dancers.

You know, those hot, sexy, beautiful vixens moonlighting as dancers for Mark Cuban.

Check out the video below:

Dallas Mavericks Dancers wardrobe malfunction

Check out the similar but non-sports related Anne Curtis scandal as well.

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