WWE Royal Rumble (2011) Participants

Presenting, The WWE Royal Rumble (2011) Participants

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WWE Royal Rumble (2011) Participants

This January 30, 2011, World Wrestling Entertainment’s first pay-per-view event for the year will take place at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

It also happens to be one of the biggest, the Royal Rumble!

WWE’s Royal Rumble features wrestlers from its Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brands in a free-for-all last-man-standing match.

For the 2011 edition, 40 wrestlers who will try to out muscle and outwit each other.

This is the list of the participants of the Royal Rumble match, listed in the order in which they were announced and not necessarily their Rumble entry number.

  1. Alberto Del Rio (SmackDown)
  2. R-Truth (Raw)
  3. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown)
  4. John Cena (Raw)
  5. CM Punk (Raw)
  6. David Otunga (Raw)
  7. Husky Harris(Raw)
  8. Michael McGillicutty (Raw)
  9. King Sheamus (Raw)
  10. Daniel Bryan (Raw)
  11. John Morrison (Raw)
  12. Ted DiBiase (Raw)
  13. Mark Henry (Raw)
  14. Darren Young (Raw)
  15. David Hart Smith (Raw)
  16. Primo (Raw)
  17. Tyson Kidd (Raw)
  18. William Regal (Raw)
  19. Yoshi Tatsu (Raw)
  20. Zack Ryder (Raw)
  21. Ezekiel Jackson (SmackDown)
  22. Heath Slater (SmackDown)
  23. Justin Gabriel (SmackDown)
  24. Wade Barrett (SmackDown)
  25. Mason Ryan (Raw)
  26. Jack Swagger (SmackDown)
  27. Drew McIntyre (SmackDown)
  28. Chris Masters (SmackDown)
  29. JTG (SmackDown)
  30. Kane (SmackDown)
  31. Kofi Kingston (SmackDown)
  32. The Big Show (SmackDown)
  33. Santino Marella (Raw)
  34. Vladimir Kozlov (Raw)
  35. Chavo Guerrero
  36. Tyler Reks
  37. The Great Khali
  38. Mason Ryan
  39. Booker T
  40. Hornswoggle


UPDATE January 30, 2011: Alberto Del Rio wins WWE Royal Rumble (2011)!

Check out the complete  WWE Royal Rumble (2011) results.

If you missed it, catch the replay highlights.

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