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UFC 126 | The Spider vs The Phenom

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At UFC 117, UFC Middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva almost lost his title when he was outclassed by his opponent Chael Sonnen for the first four rounds before pulling off a submission victory in the fifth and final round.

[see Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen fight video]

That thrilling fight was named as the World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2010 Fight of the Year.

Prior to that fight, Silva was deemed untouchable with his ability to dodge his oppponent’s every strikes before unleashing his own. Sonnen proved otherwise.

At UFC 126 February 5, 2011 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Silva will look to prove detractors that he is still one of the best MMA fighters today when he faces former Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort who himself is looking to regain prominence in the UFC.

Brazilian Anderson Silva (27 wins-4 losses, 15 KOs/5 submissions) has been the UFC Middleweight Champion since 1996 and he is also the last Cage Rage Middleweight Champion and former Shooto Middleweight Champion.

With 13 consecutive wins, Silva holds the longest active winning streak in the UFC and the record for the longest winning streak in UFC history.

Brazilian Vitor Belfort (19 wins-8 losses, 12 KOs/2 submissions) former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and current Cage Rage Light Heavyweight champion.  He has moved down to middleweight and is ranked the # 6 middleweight in the world by

In his comeback fight inside the Octagon at UFC 103, he knocked out Rich Franklin in the 1st Round.


UPDATE February 5, 2011: UFC 126 has wrapped up!

Silva fired this amazing front kick to knock out Belfort!

Check out the complete UFC 126 results.

Watch the Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort fight video.

Check out the GIF of Anderson Silva’s front kick below:

Anderson Silva Front Kick

YouTube video with various angles and slow-mo:

If you want to relive the event, watch the UFC 126 replay.

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  1. Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort Video Says:

    UFC 126 is so awesome, incredible and outstanding! I love the fights and its really moving.

    Silva’s ferocious front kick is one of a kind. He’s really a UFC pound for pound. Congratulations.


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