Glen Davis Dunk Fail

2010-11 NBA Season | Glen Davis’ Epic Dunk Fail

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This one reminded me of an old commercial for Sprite where a fat kid named Joey Boy attempted to dunk a ball but misses because, well, he’s just too fat and can’t jump high.

Glen Davis looks pretty much the older version of that kid too. Damn, I can’t find  a video of that commercial anywhere.

But here’s the epic fail by “Big Baby” which somehow tells us that big babies can’t jump.

He even hit Chris Bosh after the miss. It’s so funny.

[The one game where he was knocked out by Dwight Howard was funny too. Check it out.]

This happened at the February 13 game versus the Miami Heat.

It’s a good thing that Davis somehow redeemed himself  by hitting two critical free throws in the final minute to manage an 85-83 victory over the can’t-hit-his-free-throws-Lebron and the Heat.

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