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2010-11 NBA Season | Blake Griffin’s Dunk Compilation Video

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To say that Blake Griffin can dunk is a gross understatement!

While Shaquille O’Neal is a power dunker and Michael Jordan a graceful dunker, Griffin is a combination of both.

Ever since his first official NBA basket came on an alley-oop dunk, he has caught the basketball world by storm with his wide array of dunks.

His dunks were part of every night’s highlight reels and because of him, fans are now flocking to watch the lowly LA Clippers in anticipation of another jaw-dropping dunk.

He was such a beautiful dunker that just 56 games into his rookie season, he is now giving Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter and dare I say it, Michael Jordan  a run for their money as the greatest dunker… ever.

Need proof?

Here are Blake Griffin’s dunks, all 137 of them (second most after Dwight Howard) he managed before the NBA All-Star break.

In High Griffinition of course.

Hey, he is also the new Slam Dunk King!


Now win some games Blake.


UPDATE April 19, 2011: Here’s the full video compilation of Griffin’s 214 dunks made during his Rookie of the Year campaign:

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