Nonito Donaire, the Third Pound For Pound Best Boxer

Nonito Donaire, Now The Third Pound For Pound Best Boxer In The World

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Nonito Donaire Third Pound For Pound Best Boxer

After his devastating knockout of Fernando Montiel, Nonito Donaire, Jr. has now climbed into number three on the mythical pound for pound list.

In the newly-updated Ring Magazine’s Pound for Pound list of the best boxers in the world, regardless of what weight class they are in, “The Filipino Flash” jumped two notches over Sergio Martinez and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Before his February 19 bout with Montiel, he was ranked #5. Montiel has dropped out of the top 10 after being previously ranked #7.

Ring Magazine editor-in-chief Nigel Collins said,

“I’ve always been high on Donaire and have considered him one of the world best fighters for several years now. The Ring was criticized by some so-called experts for putting him in our pound-for-pound ratings, but the kayo of Montiel has silenced the cynics.”

It should be noted that the boxers he overtook, Sergio Martinez and Juan Manuel Marquez have recently defended their titles via knockout against top-notch challengers; Martinez knocked out Paul Williams in Round 2 while Marquez in Round 9. However, Donaire has been the better boxer in his last 10 fights knocking out nine world-class boxers in devastating fashions.

Compatriot Manny Pacquiao still holds the top ranking in the pound-for-pound list while the inactive Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is still at number two.

It is the first time that two Filipino fighters landed on the top three.

Regarding Mayweather, Collins said,

If Mayweather does not fight or sign for a fight by the one-year anniversary of his most recent fight, which was on May 1, 2010, he will be removed from both the pound-for-pound and divisional ratings.

Donaire should be named number two by then.

Check out Ring Magazine’s top ten pound for pound list.

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3 Responses to “Nonito Donaire, Now The Third Pound For Pound Best Boxer In The World”

  1. Winziph Says:

    proud to pinoy talaga.


  2. Levitt Says:

    Here we go again.. just wait and we’ll see more flooding of PROUD to be PINOY. Why can’t we just be happy and congratulate him. Im a big fan of all pinoy athletes/ celebs and all filipino talents but we need not pat ourselves in the back. Have you heard Mayweathers say after each win , “PROUD to BE American”? Lets keep national pride in our hearts because posting it comes across as a little ‘too’ arrogant. We recognize our Pinoy Prides’ accomplishments and that’s that. yes we have a lot to be happy and be proud of … Let’s leave it to Donaire/ Pacquiao to brandish our Flags and show what pinoys can do instead of repetively posting “Proud to Be Pinoy”. It’s just plain redundant and unnecessary.


  3. rcayao Says:

    I’m glad to know that both our top-notch fighters landed on the top three in the ring magazine. Mabuhay and Pinoy!


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