Manny Pacquiao Datu Puti Commercial

New Datu Puti Commercial, “The True Story of Manny Pacquiao”

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Datu Puti is a famous manufacturer of bottled cane vinegar and soy sauce in the Philippines.

Manny Pacquiao is.. naah, you know who he is.

Together, the two have created a commercial that is making waves on local TV and the internet nowadays.

It’s a funny commercial showing “The True Story of Manny Pacquiao.”

In it, Manny’s mother Aling Dionisia asked him to buy “mukhasim” vinegar at the store. Apparently, the store owner is Jinkee (just a look-alike) and when a black bald guy (Floyd Mayweather?) tried to grab the Datu Puti vinegar, Manny has to beat him up.

This caught Freddie Roach’s (another look-alike) attention saying, “Galing mong sumapak man.” There, that must be the true origin of the Pacman nickname.

Pacquiao replied, “Boxing is not for killing”. That’s of course a reference to the time when he beat Antonio Margarito for 10 rounds and asked the referee to stop the fight already because the Mexican’s face was already bloodied and swollen.

The story ends when Manny Pacquiao went home with boxing belts wrapped around him.

Pacquiao: ‘Nay ‘nay, champion na ako.
Aling Dionisia: Bumili ka ng suka, champion ka na? Yung mukhasim?
Roach: [with vinegar in hand] Ang Datu Puti po.

[Aling Dionisia makes mukhasim expression]

Roach: May asim pa si Mommy.
Aling Dionisia: May toyo ka yata eh.

What makes the conversation funny is the accent. It’s so amusing.

Check it out:

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5 Responses to “New Datu Puti Commercial, “The True Story of Manny Pacquiao””

  1. banakon Says:

    Lol si Floyd Mayweather nga un.


  2. Jack Rodriguez Says:

    ms maganda nung binasa ko kesa pinanood haha


    ark Reply:

    Haha.. Kinuwento na ano?


  3. alvin john Says:

    wow nice Datu Puti Commercial, astig talaga si Idol Manny


  4. igoydude Says:

    hehe ang galing ng commercial na to. “may asim pa si mommy” lolz ^_^


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