Miami Heat Crying

2010-11 NBA Season | Miami Heat Players Cry After A Loss

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Miami Heat Crying

The Miami Heat still have no answer for Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls as for the third time this season, they were beaten to give the series sweep to the Bulls.

Rose scored 27 points in his team’s 87-86 win while handing the Heat their fourth consecutive loss. And for the nth time, the Heat’s inability to win in the clutch has the league laughing at them.

It even became more interesting when during the post-game press conference, coach Eric Spoelstra told media,

“This is painful for every single one of us to go through this, there are couple of guys crying in the locker room right now, it is not a matter of want.”

How pathetic. Crying over a regular season game like someone just died?

I think they were crying because of embarrassment.

After all, this is a team that boasts the power trio of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – one of the most talented ever assembled, yet, they could not buy shots when needed.

Even before the season started, there were talks of how they will break the single-season win record of  72 by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls in 1996. But now, they have underperformed, to the dismay of many.

Dwyane Wade says,

“Inside our locker room, we stick together, we’re like brothers,. We win together, we lose together. Outside, the Miami Heat are exactly what everyone wanted, losing games. The world is better now since the Heat is losing.”

I will not wonder if after this, they will go on a 10-game winning streak.

The plot thickens.

Follow the Miami Thrice with 2010-11 schedule here!

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3 Responses to “2010-11 NBA Season | Miami Heat Players Cry After A Loss”

  1. Nonoy Says:

    Oh great pic of Lebron. They should give the ball to Wade in crunchtime to get out of this funk.


  2. tracy collins Says:

    Wow Miami at least you’ll can beat the sorry can’t win the NBA. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ever Atlanta Hawks TEAM !!!!!!!!! Check out my website at and my blog at


  3. Anonymous Says:

    what a bunch of loserrsss!!


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