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Plants vs Zombies Collectible Toy Sculptures

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I like zombies. The The Walking Dead TV series engrossed me so much but I could do nothing but wait until October for Season 2.

I was also addicted to the game Plants vs Zombies. But then again, who wasn’t?

It’s a video game where you have to defend your place using many varieties of plants against armies of zombies with just one purpose, to eat your brains.

I’m glad I am now cured of this addiction. It’s hard to sleep at times when your mind is thinking of strategies to defeat those zombies. The Vasebreaker and I, Zombie mini-puzzle games have also consumed most of my entire waking hours.

While I was browsing eBay Philippines though, I chanced upon these Plants vs Zombies toy figures from seller justiceblade1320. To remind me of my joyful times with this game, I immediately bought the complete set.

From his description of the figures, I found out that they were sculpted by Mon Ontoy. This guy is good. Check out his Multiply page [IT’S A MONTOY].

Also check out their Facebook page [Plants Vs Zombies Collectibles].

the zombie is 3 inches tall

cherry bomb and wall-nut

chomper – I really like how detailed it is

pea shooter and potato mine (activated)

sunflower and snowpea

smiling as always

each toy sculpture is packaged in a carton

I think Mon Ontoy is planning to make sculptures for all the Plants vs Zombies characters. The football zombie and conehead zombie are in fact already available. I will update this to include them once I have them already.

Now, I wonder if The Walking Dead comic books are also available at eBay Philippines?

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5 Responses to “Plants vs Zombies Collectible Toy Sculptures”

  1. sarz Says:

    wow astig kaau ark…pila imung palit sa set?nice kaau magcollect samtang dli pa kaau mahal…=D


    ark Reply:

    P1900 for the whole set + P190 shipping. You can also buy per piece starting at P180 for the sunflower.


  2. mindy Says:

    NICE! I want them too!


  3. mine Says:

    cool! =)


  4. jane Says:

    i really want this.. esp the chomper.. wee so cute.


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