2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket UPDATE: Finals

2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket UPDATE: Finals

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NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket 2011 UPDATE

As expected, all NCAA tournament #1 seeds Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Kansas and Duke all breezed their way into the Third Round of competition easily dispatching their opponents in the Second Round.

As came to be known from the March Madness, there are some upsets as well with lower seeds beating their higher counterparts as the case with #12 Richmond beating the #5 Vanderbilt and #13 Morehead State beating #4 Louisville.

Now that the Third Round has begun on March 19, it’s time to update the original 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament  bracket.

Check out the NCAA bracket 2011 update and see which of your team is still in the heat of the battle and which already bowed down as they battle it out for supremacy over the right to be called the NCAA champions.

[Watch NCAA Championship Game 2011 LIVE streaming online here!]

Here’s the NCAA bracket 2011 update:

Finals (April 4)

Connecticut vs Butler Connecticut wins 53-41!


Final Four Round – Semifinals (April 2)

1st matchup: Butler vs Virginia Commonwealth

2nd matchup: Connecticut vs Kentucky


Regional Finals – Elite Eight (March 26 and 27)

SOUTHEAST (March 26)

Butler vs Florida

EAST (March 27)

Kentucky vs North Carolina

SOUTHWEST (March 27)

Kansas vs Virginia Commonwealth

WEST (March 26)

Arizona vs Connecticut


Regional Semifinals – Sweet Sixteen  (March 24-25)

SOUTHEAST (March 24)

Butler vs Wisconsin
Brigham Young vs Florida

EAST (March 25)

Ohio State vs Kentucky
Marquette vs North Carolina

SOUTHWEST (March 25)

Kansas vs Richmond
Virginia Commonwealth vs Florida State

WEST (March 24)

Duke vs Arizona
Connecticut vs San Diego State


Third Round (March 19-20)


Pittsburgh vs Butler
Wisconsin vs Kansas State
BYU vs Gonzaga
UCLA vs Florida


Kentucky vs West Virginia
Ohio State vs George Mason
Syracuse vs Marquette
Washington vs North Carolina


Morehead State vs Richmond
Kansas vs Illinois
Notre Dame vs Florida State
Purdue vs VCU


UCONN vs Cincinnati
Temple vs SDSU
Duke vs Michigan
Texas vs Arizona

[Check out here for the 2011 NCAA Tournament scores.]

The Final Four Tournament will held on April 2 and 4 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, USA.

2011 NCAA March Madness Bracket Update

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