Blake Griffin Offensive Foul Dunk on Marcin Gortat

2010-11 NBA Season | Blake Griffin’s Spectacular Offensive Foul Dunk

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Blake Griffin Offensive Foul Dunk on Marcin Gortat

This one was reminiscent of the dunk Blake Griffin pulled off Timofey Mozgov.

In the LA Clippers’ 108-99 loss to the Phoenix Suns, Griffin made Suns center Marcin Gortat his launching pad as he jumped just outside the restricted area; so far away from the rim that he literally have to just throw the ball in.

However, the dunk was waived off by game officials as it was ruled an offensive foul on Griffin giving him his sixth foul.

I think that must be the most spectacular way to foul out of the game… ever!

The dunk might not be counted but it sure will be included in every Blake Griffin dunk highlight reels from now on.

Afterwards, Gortat could only say,

“I was hoping that he wasn’t actually going to crush my face. I just decided to hold my ground, and pray.”

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