Virginia Commonwealth and Kentucky Punch Last Two Tickets to Final Four

Virginia Commonwealth and Kentucky Punch Last Two Tickets to Final Four

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All the top seeds for the 2011 NCAA March started bowing out of competition one by one: Pittsburgh in the Third Round and both Ohio State and Duke in the Sweet Sixteen Round. Only one advanced to the Elite Eight, Kansas.

With the VCU Rams blocking the way to its Final Four path, the Kansas Jawhawks seemed destined to steamroll its way to the gate… but the Rams came out of the gate first.

Virginia Commonwealth stunned Kansas 71-61 to become just the third 11th seed to advance to the Final Four. Jamie Skeen led VCU with 26 points.

The road was not smooth as the Rams needed five wins to go from First Four to Final Four gritting wins over #11 Southern California, #6 Georgetown, #3 Purdue, #10 Florida State and #1 Kansas.

Kansas meanwhile was the favorite to win it all but was never tested coasting easy wins over #16 Boston University, #9 Illinois and #12 Richmond.

In the other remaining Elite Eight game, Kentucky beats North Carolina 76-69 to advance to the Final Four for the first time since their 1998 national title.

Virginia Commonwealth and Kentucky join Butler University and UConn who were the first teams to reach the Final Four.

Check out the 2011 NCAA Tournament Final Four bracket and schedule.


UPDATE April 2, 2011: Virginia Commonwealth and Kentucky failed to get out of the Final Four.

It’s UConn vs Butler University in the Finals!

[Watch NCAA Championship Game 2011 LIVE streaming online here!]

NCAA Tournament Final Four 2011

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    soooo dissapointed with Kansas… underachieving group


  2. Nonoy Says:

    I hope Butler wins it this time :)


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