Lebron James Skips Player Introduction In Cleveland

2010-11 NBA Season | Lebron James Skips Player Introduction In Second Homecoming

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At Lebron James’ homecoming last December 2, 2010 in Cleveland, there was anticipation if has the guts to do his pregame throwing-up-chalk-in-the-air ritual.

Apparently, he had. He even burned his former team in the 3rd quarter scoring 24 points on a sizzling 10-for-12 shooting to finish with 38 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds, despite not playing in the 4th quarter and getting the win 118-90.

In his second homecoming yesterday, Lebron himself expected that fan reception of him will not be as bad as that first one.

However, during the pregame player introductions, as his name was being called, Lebron was nowhere was nowhere to be found and it was his teammates who have to bear the brunt of hearing the chorus of boos.

He later claimed he was in the bathroom.

Not having the guts this time to face the fans who felt betrayed by his “decision” eh?

The King finished with a triple-double, 27 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds but the Cavaliers’ inspired play allowed them to win 102-90.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert (who made empty promises) must be so happy right now.

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