The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Episode 3

TUF 13 Episode 3: Chicken Salad

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Episode 3 Chicken Salad

TUF 13 EPISODE 2 RECAP: This is why Keon Caldwell was picked last. Both coaches must have known that he doesn’t have in it to become the Ultimate Fighter. Hell, even Dana White said that he’s happy that Keon is leaving to let a “real fighter” take his spot.

Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar keeps talking about “making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t”. I don’t know what that means. Do you? I like his “any given Sunday” line better. At least the message is more clear.

I don’t also understand why you have to wear a gas mask in training.

SECOND MATCH: #3 Javier Torres vs #6 Chris Cope

RESULT: Cope defeats Torres via unanimous decision after three rounds.

At the end of Episode 2, it’s Team dos Santos 1, Team Lesnar 1.

Oh yes, that Bun-Bun, the stuffed rabbit thing adds sentimentality to the show.


The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Episode 3: “Chicken Salad”


Team dos Santos welcomes a new fighter to the squad. Coach Lew Polley takes training too far forcing Junior dos Santos to put it in his place. And will dissension in the ranks kill Team Lesnar’s momentum? Then, two more welterwights face off in the cage.

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5 Responses to “TUF 13 Episode 3: Chicken Salad”

  1. ][V][EGADET][-][ Says:

    It really annoys me every time he say “Chicken Salad Out of Chicken Shit”, I totally have no freakin’ idea what that means!


    alleyezonme Reply:

    hahaha.. its right man,, i also have no idea what he talking about.. maybe he said no way to make chicken salad from chicken shit,,, hahahaha…


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks dude.


  3. dimaks Says:

    I think the gas mask thing was the same stuff used by wanderlei in his training. as far as i can remember, it is to train the lungs from being constricted with air supply to its stamina. i dunno if i got it right but it’s something related.

    making chicken salad out of chicken sht sounds like an allegory to me. it could mean, make something good out of something that is bad.

    good day!


  4. dimaks Says:

    i meant, to improve stamina


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