McDonald's BF-GF Commercial Stopped by CBCP

McDonald’s BF-GF Commercial Stopped by CBCP

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The good ol’ people of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is at it again.

This time, compelling McDonald’s to stop the airing of its “BF-GF Commercial” as it is supposed to send the wrong message to children.

Said CBCP officials:

“If the ad attempted to teach commitment, (it failed) because it was too superficial to point to a packet of French fries as the basis of a relationship.”

“The two children are not even at the right age for this kind of relationship. It might also pave the way for us to lose sight of the good ways of shaping the values of our children.”

Cute nga ng commercial eh.

It might be pulled out from TV but thanks God there is still YouTube.

Girl: Girlfriend mo na ba ako?
Boy: Ayoko nga. Di pa ako ready eh.
Girl: Huh?!
Boy: Demanding ang mga girlfriend. Gusto ganito, gusto ganyan… ewan!!
Girl: Gusto ko lang naman ng McDo fries eh.
Boy: Talaga?
Girl: [nods while smiling]

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2 Responses to “McDonald’s BF-GF Commercial Stopped by CBCP”

  1. maity Says:

    cute nga e.


  2. Zg Says:

    may point din naman ang CBCP. But I think, its a matter kung pano maiinterpret ng mga viewers nung ad.


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