The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Episode 4

TUF 13 Episode 4: A Bad Dream

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TUF 13 EPISODE 3 RECAP: With all the “making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t” issue already fixed, Brock Lesnar seems to be OK with his team now. At the dos Santos camp however, coach Lew Polley seems to have forgotten his place forcing Junior to give him a reminder. In a nice way of course.

With both camp’s issues now gone, we go to the next fight announcement. Also, Justin Edwards arrives to replace Keon Caldwell who quit in Episode 2.

THIRD MATCH: #1 Len Bentley vs #2 Ryan McGillivray

RESULT: This is easily the best fight of the season so far. After two eventful rounds, McGillivray defeated Bentley via majority decision with one judge having it as a draw.

At the end of Episode 3, it’s Team dos Santos 2, Team Lesnar 1.


The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Episode 4: “A Bad Dream


Team Lesnar wonders, if Ramsey Nijem has what it takes to be a fighter. Or does Ramsey have them playing right into his hand? Then, former welterweight champion Matt Hughes drops in to run Brock’s guys to a wrestling clinic. And Junior looks to keep his lead in the competition when he chooses the fourth preliminary matchup.

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