Heat vs Celtics Game 3: Rajon Rondo's Gutsy Performance

2011 NBA Playoffs | Heat vs Celtics Game 3, Rajon Rondo’s Gutsy Performance

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This one ranks right up there as one of the gutsiest performances in NBA history.

In the 3rd quarter of Game 3 of the Heat vs Celtics playoff series, Dwyane Wade fell down to the floor after a turnover and brought down Rajon Rondo after getting entangled with him.

As Rondo extends his left arm to brace himself, the impact of the fall dislocated his elbow.

The injury was so bad that replays show an empty cavity where the forearm meets the bicep. You could say that Rondo is out for the game.. or worse, for the rest of the playoffs.

Down 2-0 and the quest for Banner 18 seemingly hopeless, Rondo returns to the floor moments later with his left arm wrapped in white sleeve dangling by his side.

His insistence to play through pain gave the Celtics an emotional lift and make key plays down the stretch to help them hang on and beat the Heat, 97-81.

Said Rondo,

“Don’t ask me how I feel. I’m going to play regardless. You may see me hold my arm, but I’m not going to use it as an excuse.”

Here are highlights of Rondo’s performance:

A closer look on the injury:

Game 4 is on Monday, May 9 at the Boston Garden. Full schedule here.

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