The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Episode 9

TUF 13 Episode 9: Then It Turned Ugly

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Episode 9 Then It Turned Ugly

TUF 13 EPISODE 8 RECAP: Shamar Bailey’s back injury has been bothering him and Chris Cope is annoying him.

Cope says he like Bailey but the guy is trying to make it personal. He is what he and he won’t stop yelling “Whoo!” win or lose.

Former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Stann makes a pep talk to the guys. We discovered he was a Captain in the Marine Corps.

1ST QUARTERFINAL MATCH: Ramsey Nijem vs Clay Harvison

RESULT: Ramsey Nijem defeats Clay Harvison via rear-naked choke in the first round.

2ND QUARTERFINAL MATCH: Shamar Bailey vs Chris Cope

RESULT: Chris Cope defeats Shamar Bailey via unanimous decision after two rounds. Shamar is exposed as a one-dimensional wrestler who can do nothing against a guy with good take-down defense.


The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Episode 9: “Then It Turned Ugly”


With the pressure of the competition mounting, Tony goes ballistic. The, two more quarterfinal fights. Cold Steel Chuck O’Neil tries to continue his run from alternate to contender as he takes on Zach Davis in a rematch. And Tony Ferguson of Team Lesnar squares off against Ryan McGillivray of Team dos Santos. All these, plus the semifinal fight announcements.

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