Charice Pempengco Sings As Long As You're There In Glee Season 2 Finale

Charice Pempengco Sings As Long As You’re There In Glee Season 2 Finale

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The season finale of the second season of the American musical television series Glee was aired on May 24, 2011.

The episode titled “New York” features New Directions as they head to New York City for the National Show Choir Championship. The group faced Vocal Adrenaline once again led by Sunshine Corazon (played by Filipino International artist Charice Pempengco.)

Since it’s the season finale, it’s just fitting that Rachel Berry was given redemption for sending Sunshine to the crackhouse in the season’s premier episode.

Before Vocal Adrenaline was about to take the stage, Rachel and Sunshine once again had a confrontation in the bathroom.

Sunshine: I used to love singing. It was the only thing that relaxes me. Now I hate it.
Rachel: Do you think I’m an idiot?
Sunshine: No! I think you’re kinda mean but I don’t think you’re stupid.
Rachel: I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to get me feel bad for you so that I don’t try as hard to crush you on the stage.
Sunshine: What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much? When I came to your school, I heard that the Glee club was where kids went when no one else would take them, a safe place, for some reasons, you made me the only one who wasn’t safe there.
Rachel: Where are you going?
Sunshine: To the Philippine Embassy. I’m going to beg them to revoke my visa and deport me back home.That’s the only way I’m gonna be able to escape Vocal Adrenaline.
Rachel: Jus… wai.. wait. It’s because you’re good. That’s why I hated you, that’s why I’ve sent you to that crack house. I’m Sorry. But you have to go out there and sing. You have a gift! Something that Dustin Goolsby would kill for.
Sunshine: I can’t. I’m gonna barf all over the stage.
Rachel: If you feel like you’re gonna throw up, just look at me and I’ll help you through it
Sunshine: Why? Don’t you wanna win?
Rachel: Guys like us have to stick together. I’m hugging now

All’s well that ends well it seems now.

Watch Charice Pempengco below as Sunshine Corazon singing As Long As You’re There (an original song produced by Glee and co-written by Max Martin and Claude Kelly) with her group Vocal Adrenaline.

Vocal Adrenaline eventually placed inside the top ten and move on to the next round while New Directions only placed 12th.

What do you think of her performance? Will we see Charice coming back for Season 3?

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3 Responses to “Charice Pempengco Sings As Long As You’re There In Glee Season 2 Finale”

  1. John Says:

    Charice improved from the other episodes where she appeared. The delivery of her lines on the final episodes were more natural. With regards to the singing, of course that was superb. She had a really good moment. Hope to see her in season 3.


  2. coyster Says:

    Goosebumps performance! Whew. By the way, di masyado obvious ang pagpromote mo ng bro ah. hehehe. Correct me if im wrong, pero ang dinig ko ata sa last line ni Rachel ay “I wanna hug you now” :)


    ark Reply:

    Tama ung sinulat ko bro. Kinopya ko lang ung dialogue sa wiki site ng glee.

    Mahina ung quotes ngayon. Napenalize ata due to duplicate content.


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