Jason Terry Championship Trophy Tattoo

2011 NBA Finals | Jason Terry’s Championship Trophy Tattoo

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Jason Terry Championship Trophy tattoo

At the 2006 NBA Finals, the Dallas Mavericks won the first two games at home to go up 2-0 against the Miami Heat.

What follows is a monumental collapse as Dallas could not win again and lost the next four games, surrendering the NBA title to Miami.

This year, the only remaining Mavericks from that fateful 2006 squad is Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry.

Terry has been the definition of a sixth man all his playing career. A 12-year veteran, he knows that time is against him getting his first-ever championship ring.

To motivate himself, the point guard nicknamed “Jet” decided to have a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien Trophy (given to the winner of the NBA championship) on his right biceps. This happened on October 19, 2010 – a day before a preseason game against the Orlando Magic during team mate DeShawn Stevenson’s party.

Stevenson said,

When he first got the tattoo, I said he was crazy. I didn’t say it to him. But I’ve never been to the [NBA Finals], and for him to have that now. Wow. And he got that tattoo in October, and it means a lot with what we’ve been through.

Now, Terry should work overtime to help Dirk win the championship in a rematch against the Miami Heat this year.. or else, he will have to have it erased.

It often happens when you have a tattoo of your girlfriend’s face on your chest then you broke up later, right?

Never miss the NBA Finals action by watching the Heat vs Mavericks LIVE streaming online starting this May 31 at the American Airlines Arena, in Miami, Florida, USA.

Check out the full 2011 NBA Finals schedule and mark your calendars now!


UPDATE June 12, 2011: The Dallas Mavericks win its first NBA title! Jason Terry can finally cling to a Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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