X-Men: First Class Rebecca Romijn Cameo

X-Men: First Class Rebecca Romijn Cameo

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Just like Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine, Rebecca Romijn makes a cameo appearance as well in X-Men: First Class.

The model turned actress played Mystique in the previous X-Men movies. In X-Men: First Class, Mystique is known as Raven (whom Charles Xavier AKA Professor X treated as family, surprised?)

SPOILER ALERT: Proceed with caution.

She was portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence here.

However, in a scene with Erik Lehnsherr (before he became Magneto), Rebecca Romijn appears as the “older” Raven and the blue Mystique we came to know in the previous movies when she was told by Erik he prefers the “older and true” Raven.

Watch the video below:

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