Sung-Bong Choi Makes Korea's Got Talent Judges Cry

Sung Bong Choi Makes Korea’s Got Talent Judges Cry

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This one reminds me of Lin Yu Chun of Taiwan’s karaoke TV show Super Star Avenue fame.

With his unassuming bowl-cut hairstyle and wearing a flannel shirt, Sung-Bong Choi introduced himself as a “manual worker” who had made a living selling “gum and energy drinks” for 10 years when he took the stage in the first episode of Korea’s Got Talent last June 4.

In the pre-show interview, he said that he’s been living in a very dark environment.

“Coming here is really hard for me, but I want to be just like everybody else. I can’t sing very well, but as I sing, I feel I am not me, I become somebody else.”

Then, in true Susan Boyle fashion, the 22-year old orphan started singing and the audience was immediately moved with his singing and sad story.

The first thing judge Song Yun Ah said at the end of the performance, “I so want to give you a hug.”

Afterwards, Choi told judges, singing was his only escape.

“I’ve had many bad things happen to me since I was young. One day when I was selling gum at a night club, I saw a vocalist on stage. I was fascinated by the singer who sang so sincerely. I started to like singing after that.”

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2 Responses to “Sung Bong Choi Makes Korea’s Got Talent Judges Cry”

  1. Winziph Says:

    nakakaiyak talaga itong KGT part, akala ko dati kalokohan na naman pero hindi pala.


  2. Diane_08 Says:

    Nkaka inspire tlga ung story nia….. he strive hard kahit mhirap ang knyang pnagdadaanan…


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