Final Destination 5 After Credits Extra Scene

Final Destination 5 After Credits Extra Scene

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Just like the other films in the series, Final Destination 5 follows the same old plot of storyline.

It begins with a huge disaster sequence, with many people dying instantly and violently.

However, it is immediately revealed that it is just a premonition of the impending doom by by the lead actor (or actress).

He/she then goes on a hysteria warning everyone of the disaster. Some will panic and follow him/her while some just don’t know what to do or simply annoyed so will just go along as well.

It’s when disaster strikes and they’ll realize they have cheated Death.

Of course it’s only temporary. Because they will soon all die in a series of gruesome accidents that will make you squirm.

As if to refresh us of those gory deaths, Final Destination 5 has an extra scene after the credits have rolled-out featuring all the deaths from the previous Final Destination installments.

Also check out this video of all the Final Destination deaths.

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