Blake Griffin Dunks Over Kendrick Perkins

2011-12 NBA Season | Blake Griffin’s Dunk of the Year Over Kendrick Perkins

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Last year, Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin made the most spectacular dunk of the NBA season when he dunked over Timofey Mozgov.

[NOTE: He made 213 other dunks for the season.]

Just when you thought he couldn’t do one better, he one-upped it when he posterized Oklahoma City Thunder Kendrick Perkins in the 3rd quarter of their game today.

This one is fiercer, stronger and with less mercy.

To think that he did it with a 6’10” 270 lb. wall in front of him and still made it is mind-numbing.

Watch in awe:

What’s more important is that his team the LA Clippers win the game 112-110 with Griffin contributing 22 points and 7 rebounds.

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